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Please, let the dolphins go

Discarded fishing lines kill whales! Watch the Mexican Navy help rescuers free an entangled humpback whale.

A Child's Appeal
to the United Nations
Severn Suzuki, representing ECO,
the Environmental Children's Organization
at the UN Earth Summit, 1992
as relevant today as when it was first presented

The International Whaling Commission
What is the IWC? How do annual IWC meetings determine the fate of whales? Watch a classic video report from Cetacean Society International's Director Emeritus Robbins Barstow, and find out!
Barstow International Whaling Commissions 1993 1994

The New York Whale and Dolphin Action League

ce·ta·cean n: any of an order of aquatic mostly marine mammals that includes whales, porpoises, dolphins, and related forms. (Merriam Webster)

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NY4WHALES has a land-based wildlife project! Visit us at to learn about our extensive and ongoing work for birds and other wildlife, both in the field and in our lawmakers' offices!

August, 2017: Cetacean Activists are celebrating!

Mexico City has banned all dolphin entertainment shows, including Swim With The Dolphin and Dolphin Assisted Therapies!

Meanwhile, France has banned breeding of captive whales and dolphins!

Several captive cetacean sanctuaries are "in the works" around the world; watch this site for updates!

September 1, 2017: JAPAN DOLPHIN DAY

Our annual rally for the lives of dolphins herded into the infamous Taiji "Cove" to be slaughtered or sold into misery-captivity. 49th and Park Avenue, (NE corner), NYC 4-6pm.

Ric O'Barry writes:

"Between the months of September and March, approximately 2000 dolphins of various species will be subject to harassment, injury, capture and slaughter, all in the name of greed and ignorance. We are calling on YOU to help us end the horror – by letting the Japanese government know that these crimes against nature are unacceptable to the rest of the world. Together, we must speak out against these atrocities, while informing others about this tragedy."

WHALE NEWS Spring 2017



For over 10 years, NY4Whales has organized the New York location of the International Japan Dolphin Day, and with other groups, including Sea Shepherd, Friends of Animals United (FAUN) and Win Animal Rights (WAR) have helped raise the global call to end the slaughter of dolphins associated with the obscene captivity industry's never-ending quest for entertainment dolphins. Despite massive international objections and even an award-winning documentary, "The Cove," the notorious "DOLPHIN DRIVE FISHERIES" continue. In Taiji, Japan, after the beautiful young dolphins are separated from their families for captivity enslavement, the pods are killed, tens of thousands each year.. Join us on September 1, 2016. If you've seen the award-winning documentary, THE COVE, you know what this is about. WATCH THIS PAGE for updates on times and locations. For more:

What is all this ELECTROSMOG doing to us?

In May, June and July, NY4Whales sponsored and presented three screenings of the award-winning film: TAKE BACK YOUR POWER which exposes the very real danger caused by our wifi devices: everything from cell phones and tablets, to portable phones and Smart Meters. What are they doing to our bodies, our children, our brains - and OUR WILDLIFE?

There have been thousands of studies, most recently by a government agency, the National Toxicology Program, confirming that EMF radiation does increase the risk of cancers. But the FCC, at the bidding of Big Telecom, has ignored the data disproving claims of EMF safety. Even as the public is awash in a sea of "electrosmog," the FCC is set to approve the 5G rollout - massive amounts of open microwave radiation at 28 gHz radiation across our landscape, with zero oversight. The FCC (not even an agency qualified to create or impose medical standards) has set EMF exposure limits thousands of times higher than medical personnel and scientists have confirmed as safe. Insect life, birds and mammals - and people - all are known to react adversely to microwave radiation. Our advocacy for wildlife - and all the rest - compels us to help expose this latest modern scourge on the earth. If you'd like to see the documentary in your area, contact us at Learn more by watching a video by scientists at, and visit and


The US Navy's reckless plan to expose whales and all marine life to ear-splitting levels of noise has been halted, at least for now. A July, 2016, federal court ruling found that the Obama Administration must protect whales from low frequency sonar. While citing an intent to flood thousands of square miles of ocean with lethal levels of noise, the court found that a permit authorizing the "take" of thousands of whales and other marine mammals was illegal. NY4Whales has long been a Declarer for plaintiff Cetacean Society International in ongoing legal interventions led by the NRDC, et al., against military sonar and destructive oceanic war games. Read more here:


The EPA is being sued by the Center for Food Safety (CFS) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) for conditionally approving a nanosilver based pesticide although acknowledging it may be toxic to aquatic species. NY4Whales told the EPA that the presence of nanosilver particles will predictably extend throughout the food chain risking health compromising ailments in numerous species. By permitting a 4-year conditional registration and use of NSPW-L30SS, the EPA is allowing untested chemicals into the environment creating a burden to wildlife forced to cope with the toxin, as well as to wildlife rehabilitators who will not be able to diagnose the problem, yet spend countless hours and funds to help wildlife in distress.

I primarily take in birds from the local non-migrating population, such as sparrows and starlings. A lot of birds come in with non-specific emaciation. They may present symptoms that are associated with neurological impairment, which are known causes of heavy metal toxicity and herbicide, pesticide, or fungicide ingestion. These birds may be disabled or emaciated to the point where they can barely stand or walk. It is particularly troublesome when this occurs because it is often impossible to detect the nature of the offending substance or condition. In many cases the bird is impossible to rehabilitate for release. The destructive nature of toxic materials such as chemicals and heavy metals, including silver, on wildlife cannot be understated.

I am aware the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conditionally approved a new nanosilver based pesticide, NSPW-L30SS, while acknowledging it may be toxic to aquatic species. I am also aware that the EPA is requiring further studies to be conducted within the next four years to determine the hazards and toxicity of this new nanosilver pesticide on aquatic species.

Many of the small mammals and birds that I take in to rehabilitate, such as finches, starlings, and Columbiformes (doves) are omnivorous, and depend on and ingest worms and other aquatic invertebrates regularly. Thus, these species will be at risk of harm by the presence of NSPW-L30SS and nanosilver in their prey species. When these small mammals and birds present with illness, there will either be no possibility of identifying the problem or the problem will not be treatable. The presence of nanosilver particles will predictably extend throughout the food chain adding to a number of health compromising ailments in numerous species.

If after four years, the new studies determine that the new pesticide is more toxic to aquatic species than previously considered, it will be too late for the wildlife species I work with that rely on aquatic life for their feed.

Cetaceans in the New York area consume exclusively other aquatic organisms, including zooplankton, phytoplankton, and other small fish. Baleen whales consume both plankton and small fish directly, and many species of small prey fish ingest both zooplankton and phytoplankton. Dolphin species consume primarily small and larger fish. Other marine mammals, including otters and seals, consume a variety of benthic (bottom dwelling), planktonic organisms and small fish which in turn take in planktonic organisms and other smaller fish. Introducing NSPW-L30SS will create a new factor threatening the entire food web either directly or through the well-known bioaccumulation process. This introduction places all aquatic organisms at risk, many of which are already endangered or threatened, and federally protected under the Endangered Species Act. (Taffy Williams, Standing Declaration. United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. CFS, NRDC, et al. Petitioners, v. United States Environmental Protection Agency, et al.)

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The public enables us to continue our research and efforts to protect whales, wildlife and the environment. Every tax-deductible donation, small or large, is dedicated to this ongoing work. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

WHALE NEWS from July, 2016

Some of the news from the world of cetaceans

Gray whales

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