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Appendix B

Coastal States Restrictions

The California Coastal Commission has determined that because behavioral changes can be documented at RL's well below 180 dB, because both the geographic and temporal scope of LFA far exceed any of the more limited acoustic activities previously authorized by the commission, and because the Navy has not responded to the comments on the Draft EIS the CCC "lacks adequate information to determine the consistency of the project with the marine resource protection and the recreation (diving) policies of the Coastal Act" (California CC, 2000).

The Council of the County of Maui, State of Hawaii has made a resolution opposing the United States Navy's Proposed SURTASS LFA Sonar Program and has limited RL's to 145 dB in its waters (CCM Hawaii, 2001).

The State of Maine has called for a complete review of the LFA Sonar program citing deficiencies in the Navy's EIS and new information that has come to light since the EIS was published. Therefore it has not authorized the use of LFA Sonar in its coastal zone as it has not determined compliance with the Coastal Zone Management Act (State of Maine, 2001).

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